Furnaces & Incinerators

We manufacture furnaces for wide range of applications such as:

Hardening, Stress Relieving, Tempering, Annealing, Carburizing, Nitriding, Melting etc. Incinerators are manufactured to suit different industrial and laboratory application. The above can be manufactured  to suit individual

 applications by studying specific requirements and after elaborate study and discussion the equipment is designed. The technology and raw materials used for manufacturing are the latest available in the industry with the maximum experience backup. Hence resulting in most energy efficient equipments for conserving the commercial and environmental aspects.

Ovens Driers & Hot Air Generators

We manufacture ovens, driers and hot air generators for different industrial and laboratory applications such as:

Baking, Drying, Pre-heating, Curing, etc. The equipments have applications in different  industries like pharmaceutical, food & beverage, paper, glass, metal, etc.


We can serve to our customers needs by different types of heaters such as band in mica, band in ceramic, flange type and fix threading type immersion heaters, high and low density cartridge heaters, micro tubular spiral heaters, quartz tube infrared heaters, ceramic infrared

 heaters, tubular heaters for air, water, oil and other applications in different industries such as plastic, textiles, paper, printing, pharmaceutical, etc.We offer tubular heaters in S.S.304, 310, Incoloy sheathing. Band heaters can be made with extra energy conserving insulating covers.

Thermocouples & Temperature Sensors

We offer different types of thermocouples and RTD sensors to suit varied applications in different industries.

We provide Fe/k, Cr/Al, Pt-Pt Rh 10% (S type), Pt-Pt-Rh 13% (R type) in different sheathings as S.S. 304, 310, Incoloy, Ceramic and different forms like head type, bayonet type, adjustable

 spring type, bearing type, bow shape, needle type,leaf type. The connection junction boxes can be made flame proof and weather proof.

The thermocouples can be provided with TEST/CALIBRATION certificates from the in-house testing facility.